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Interview Experience @ Service Now, Hyderabad

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  • Difficulty Level : Hard
  • Last Updated : 04 Oct, 2014
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Total rounds : 5

1st round: Technical questions were from all core subjects including 5 to 7 quantitative aptitude questions. (30 questions : 30 Minute) (cutoff may be : 25+).

2nd round :
1. Space and time complexity to “Detecting a Loop in a Singly Linked List ” .
2. Executable Code to Detect a Loop in a Singly Linked List without any mistake in first time with all boundry cases if any.
3. As I’ve implemented Floyd’s cycle finding algorithm he asked me to drive a mathematical expresson in terms of variable why this algorithm works .

3rd round :
1. what is microprocessor ?
2. what is microcontroller ?
3. what is the difference between microprocessor and microcontroler ?
give an example for each and what is intel i7 ?
4. difference between functional and oo approach of problem solving .
why oops is best.
5. The Three Door Puzzle.
6. Program to convert a given number into words
(ex: input -197 ; output : ONE HUNDRED NINETY SEVEN).

4th round :
1. Generate all circular prime numbers from 1 to 10,000 .
( A number is called circular prime if all the numbers formed by using the digits of that number are prime .
ex: 17-71, 13->31 , ….)
— > First he told me to write it on paper As I did It in 5 minute he told me to write the code on an online compiler as it is.

5th round : HR
Simple HR questions were asked (kind of formality).

At last but not least something I would like to tell you geeks :

– The most important thing you should have within you is Confidance.
Everybody says yes I am confident but I think not really .
– The second thing is dont bluff in anything what you dont know .

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