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Samsung R&D Noida Interview Experience

  • Difficulty Level : Easy
  • Last Updated : 21 Aug, 2020

This is an interview experience on the on-campus selection of Samsung R&d Noida.

First Round: It was Online coding Round, there was only 1 question for 3 hours. You need to get all test cases passed in order to get selected for the second round. There were 50 test cases and the question was based on recursion.

Second Round(1st half): It was a technical interview round. Question asked were:

  1. How to calculate the product of all elements except the current one, without using the division operator.
  2. Find the Top view of a tree.
  3. Longest Increasing subsequence.
  4. Puzzles based on trigonometry.

Second Round(2nd half): It was Technical coding round. Questions related to graphs and linked lists were asked. Questions on the project were also asked.

  1. Merging point of two linked List
  2. Traversal techniques on graphs.
  3. Brief description of the project.
  4. Why you choose to build this project.

Third Round: It was an HR interview. Questions asked were.

  1. What do you know about Samsung?
  2. About the family.
  3. Different Android versions.

I cleared all round and got selected. From my college (SRM , Chennai) 3 were selected.

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