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Interview Experience at Optimus Information Inc.

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The company conducted an off-campus drive.

Round 1 – Written Test.
Well, it was quite easy.
Total number of questions – 35.
Aptitude – 33.
Operating System – 1.
C – 1.
Aptitude questions were mainly related to amount of work done, colored cube questions and so on.

Round 2 – HR interview.
It was just a lookup to see if the candidate isn’t dumb.

After this, candidates who cleared the two stages were called in the office.

Rounds at Optimus –
Round 1 – Surprisingly, another written test followed but the pattern was exactly the same. Difficulty level was also similar.

Round 2 – Small Technical Interview
By small I mean, it wasn’t much extensive. It was just to see if you are a candidate capable enough to go for a higher level Technical interview. Basic DBMS questions (Normalization), SQL queries were actually difficult (nested), virtual function question in C++, method over-loading in Java and same stuff.
Important thing is projects. They can make you write the code for your project.

Round 3 – Machine Round.
In this, a basic question is given and you have to implement it programmatically. String and arrays are important topics for questions.

Round 4 – Technical round with Team Leader.
This is really tricky round. Learn your project’s code by heart and I mean this. You must be ready to even write the whole project’s code, literally. Be ready to defend your design pattern and SQL table structure (if any) in your project. Projects are a key for this round.

Round 5 – Technical round with the Co-founder
This is basically the same. Projects are the key. Be ready to tell what projects you are going to make after 6 months and what design pattern you have thought to implement. Also, you must prepare for a future project in terms of programming. This will make him happy. though, you must literally be prepared of the design pattern.

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Last Updated : 05 Dec, 2014
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