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Interview Experience for SSE Zomato
  • Difficulty Level : Hard
  • Last Updated : 26 Aug, 2019

Interview happened at Zomato Media Private Limited Gurgaon office. Only 1 round happened.

1- first question was implement shuffle method for music player such that songs dont repeat, you can implement that using

2- second was the design of music player, not like, like VLC, single song play, pause, seek, next, prev functions, write all the classes needed to implement this application.

3- few sql queries

4- mongo queries, sharding, indexing in deep. election in case of primary failure.

5- throttling, you have to implement throttling, rate limit of 100 requests in 10sec with sliding window, i.e. any where on time line, not more that 100 requests in 10sec range.

6- debouncing, like client is giving 10 requests/secs and only last request is valid, all previous are invalid if any latest call is made after them. Implement this.

Result – not selected

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