Interview Experience for SDE2 at OneDirect

1st round was a coding round with paper and pen.

There were 4 questions.
1. Get all subsets of an int array. 2. Similar to min railway platform 3. Count ways a message can be encoded using map where a=1, b=2, c=3…z=26. Eg: ‘111’ can be encoded in 3 ways => ‘aaa’, ‘ka’, ‘ak’. 4. Design question.

In the 2nd round the interviewer asked me to explain my solutions. I could see that I had made some mistakes. He tried to correct those and asked me to optimize. Some of them I could. He was good at guiding me to a solution. After that I was asked about the projects I have done and some OOPS, Java questions and simple questions related to Spring.

I was not selected but still that was a pretty good experience.

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