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Interview Experience for Morgan Stanley By Wissen Infotech

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I was gone through the Interview Process of Wissen Infotech for Morgan Stanley client.

First Round :
3 programming Questions

i) Your are programmer of JDK developement team.You have to override the
toString Method of Integer class.In Integer class the value of int is passed through a variable called data.Please remember that valueof function internally call toString method Integer class.

public String toString()
   // Write your code

ii) Maximum Profit By selling once the share

iii) There are Two methods one for inserting the data in database and other for fetching the data from database.
a) persist() -for inserting data.
b) get()- for getting the data from DB

persist() function is taking time in inserting the data.

Write methods that will not allow the data to be fetched until data is inserted.
(Apply Producer Consumer Problem)

Second Round (face to face)

1. Employee table given
Emp_Id Employee_Name Manager_Id
Write query for Printing Employee_Name reports to Manager_Name

2. How to implement ThreadPool.

3. What is difference between different type of Thread pools
(FixedThreadPool, ScheduledThreadPool, CachedThreadPool..)

4. How ConcurrentHashMap Work.

5. Other Normal Java Question.

6. Suppose we created 5 Threads through FixedThreadPool(5) and assigned only 3 task to 3 threads.Will the other 2 Thread created in memory or not?

7. Difference between Concurrency and Parallelism.

Third Round
1. You have to design the database for Order taking system. Describe all the tables like Customer table, Order table, Item table their Primary key and Foreign key.

2 One Simple code for paint all pixel which comes in given boundary.
isFill(int i,int j)

Fill(int i,int j) given.

Fourth Round by Client Morgan Stanley
1. What is thread, how it is useful?

2. Implement Queue using stack?

3. There is a trade file having million records that have size 1 GB and you have 256 mb ram how would you process.

4.Length of the longest substring without repeating characters

5. How would you implement Connection Pool.

6. What is difference between Stored Proc and Query.

7. There is source and destination station having some mediator stations that have some value to reach from one station to other station . You have to calculate minimum value to reach source to destination.

8. red black tree.

9. Basic Java Questions.

10. You have to design Pizza factory class that have type veg and non veg type with different toppings.

11. Trie data structure Implementation

Nice Experience

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Last Updated : 24 Jul, 2019
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