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Interview experience at “Infinera Bangalore India”

  • Last Updated : 01 Jun, 2015

Interview process took 3 to 4 hours and it was done.
It was good interview.
It was on Java, Data structures and algorithm.

1st round was written round
Given a square image write a code to rotate this image by 90 degree.

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2nd round
Questions on Java Threading, what is static synchronization and normal synchronization on method.
Gave one problem and asked to solve that
I have been given with library called add.jar, which does addition job.This jar has many other methods too.All these methods are used at various places in our applications.This library has exposed some interfaces to client.
If I want to print the time taken by all the methods used in my application.
How can we do that??

3rd round
Explain how Collections.synchronizedMap() method works.
Write some Restfull apis for telephone functionality
and some questions on my project.

4th round
Director took the interview.
Simple behavioural questions and some java questions.

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