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Interra System Interview Experiences

  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 14 Apr, 2016

Round 1:
Subjective written round
Programming output questions on constant pointer, static variable, typedef, macro, virtual function, copy constuctor etc
Also write codes for reverse link list
check palindrome
rearrange array with -ve in starting and +ve in end etc
For output you should have good knowledge of c,c++
Also there are some aptitude problems
total 30 marks with time limit 1.5 hrs

Interview 1:
1. Find Subarray that has max sum i.e. kanade algo.
2. Find subarray that has 0 as a sum
3. They asked me to write the base cases while calculating average in c
4. Find a element in 2d array if rows and columns are sorted they ask to find optimise solution
5. Also a puzzle of playing A and B ensuring winning of A

Interview 2:

1. 17 minute boat puzzle
2. magic square
2. 5 parrot problem
3. coin puzzle.
4. they tell me to solve question i wrongly attempt in exam.
5. they ask me to write code for ascii to integer value.

Interview 3:

1. long discussion on project
2. they ask me some project related logical problems
3. then they go to sorting algos
4. ask me to sort elements of array in frame of size k with time complexity
5. question to arrange old on left and even on right with array positive elements
later they want to arrange in a way that odd no. in decreasing form then even in increasing
thy expect me to solve using single sort using some preprocessing.

1. Tell about yourself other than ur cv
2. About my family offers further study plan nature etc
3. They ask about my interests
4. Why interra?

A great thanks to geeksforgeeks and geeksquiz

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