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Internet of Things (IoT) | Set 3

Last Updated : 29 Sep, 2022
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The Internet of Things is the latest big buzz around the globe. It is in demand technology which is closest to a human being, closest to his or her lifestyle. It is based on machine-to-machine communication, cloud computing and network of data gathering sensors. The basic motto behind IoT is that it assures that it will make everything from a light bulb to railway stations “smart”.

When we talk about IoT, we usually talk about M2M (machine-to-machine) relationships but M2M is not everything. The most important aspect is cloud. Via cloud only the machines can access data anytime anywhere and work without any glitches and give smooth outputs. The data transfers are conducted through sensors.

Let us understand through an example. Suppose the electric cables used on metro train bridges are made up of copper from inside and that copper is replaced by smart copper. Smart copper is nothing but copper having sensors which are wirelessly connected to cloud which is later connected to machines wirelessly. So in future if there will be any breakage or any other kind of physical or functional damage to the wire, the sensors will record and transfer relevant report to the respective authority wirelessly via cloud. This whole process will help the system in three ways:

• Physical labour and time can be saved in finding the problem in the wire
• Instead of changing the whole wire, only parts effected can be monitored and changed
• Daily report of wires which may include its temperature, tension and even amount of current transferred can be received.

Even in future if the wire is covered with snow, this can also be monitored and dotted down wirelessly.
So overall IoT is the BIG CHANGE for the orb.

Now what is Internet of Everything (IoE)?
This is no different but is a further intelligent connection between things and devices, people, processes and data. It makes sensor’s information more meaningful, secure and more stable. It helps the business ecosystem to groom.

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