Interesting Funny Commands in Linux

This entire article is all about showing off cool commands executable in the Linux terminal. This article is aimed at being a one-stop destination for all cool or you can say interesting funny commands in Linux to play.

1. The Matrix Effect: We all can agree on one thing that the falling down text effect from “The Matrix” movie is one of the best scenes involving a terminal style window. Thus, to try and get this effect on a Linux terminal we need to type the following in the terminal window:

sudo apt-get install cmatrix

And after installing it, type:



The Matrix

Are you feeling like a hacker? To stop it, press ctrl+C or ctrl+Z or close the terminal. This a general method that can be applied to stop the current execution of commands and it is also applicable for all the below commands.

2. Fire: This is a text animation of a fire, that gets rendered onto the terminal window. To get this, first install it by using the following command:

sudo apt install libaa-bin

To see the effect, you can use the below command:




3. BB Audio Visual Effect: It combines audio with text animation, quite dope! To get this, first install it by using the following command:

sudo apt install bb

And then execute it by typing:



Pumped audio ascii art

4. Steam Locomotive Engine: Choo-choo, A locomotive steam train engine runs across your terminal. To get this effect, use the following command:

sudo apt-get install sl

Now use,




Drawing a Banner

Drawing a banner in the terminal can take place by 2 methods:

1) Figlet Command: This command is used to make a banner that you may have seen in some terminal UI based programs. To make your very own such banner, first install this using the following command:

sudo apt install figlet

Then type:

figlet Try this now

2) Toilet: This will also draw a banner but with small-sized characters. To make banners this way, first install by using the following command:

sudo apt install toilet

Then type:

toilet wowie

3) Banner: Banner can also be created by this method but it would be limited to only ‘#’ character (refer output), to install, use the following command:

sudo apt install sysvbanner

Now lets the uses of above 3 explained:

banner heyyo!


toilet, banner

Convert Images Into ASCII Art

To convert an image and output it as ASCII art in the terminal, install aview by typing:

sudo apt install aview

Then to finally convert an image named ‘test.png’ into ASCII art, by using the following:

asciiview test.png



This code renders a cow that says(in a text bubble) whatever you give it as input. It can be other animals than cow as well, we will get to it in a minute. To run cowsay, first install it by using the following command:

sudo apt install cowsay

You can use it as shown below:

cowsay Hello! My dear GFG members

You can change this cow with other characters as well!. First, let’s see the list of all available characters by using:

cowsay -l

This shows us a list of all available characters in ‘cowsay’. Now, change characters by using:

cowsay -f ChrName urtext


cowsay -f dragon Heyyyy!




This is just an extension of cowsay, where the cow or other characters thinks what you give it as input. It follows same command structures as cowsay, for example:

cowthink I think GFG is nice characters

(same as cowsay command)

cowthink -f unipony what a wonderful day!



This command can show text in multiple colors and be used in conjunction with other commands as well. To install use the following command:

sudo apt-get install lolcat

Then we can use it by typing:

cowsay -f dragon heyyyy! |lolcat



Random Quotes/Fortunes

Get your fortune for the day or words of confidence and wisdom to change your fortune if it appears bleak from the wise. Install fortune by using the following command:

sudo apt install fortune-mod

Then use:


To receive a random quote/fortune/joke.


Note: This command can also be written in conjunction with other command such as:

fortune | cowsay

To be displayed as:


Reverse Texts

We can use ‘rev’ to reverse whatever input we give to the terminal as follows:

Note: Make sure you type rev, then hit enter, then type the text that needs to be reversed.)


Who doesn’t like an easter egg? See the easter egg of apt-get by typing:

apt-get moo


Try to enter moo with aptitude:


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