Interesting Facts about Ubuntu

Ubuntu is an open source, freely available Linux based operating system. It is the most popular and widely used operating system. It is developed by a worldwide community of programmers along with the employees of Ubuntu’s commercial sponsor, Canonical.

Here are some awesome facts about Ubuntu that may interest you:

  1. The Chinese version of Ubuntu is used for running the world’s fastest supercomputer.
  2. For the bulk of Web servers, Ubuntu is the most used Operating systems.
  3. The stripped version of Ubuntu is used in Google’s Self-driving car.
  4. Many of the big enterprises including Uber and Lyft use Ubuntu.
  5. “Goobuntu.” is the custom Ubuntu of Google.
  6. Ubuntu follows a very tremendous and strict development schedule. Its new stable version is released in every six months, i.e in April and October.
  7. The symbol of Ubuntu is the official logo, called “Circle of Friends”. It represents the reliability, freedom, precision, and collaboration.
  8. If we search for the internet in Ubuntu, then it will display all the available internet browsers.
  9. Once French Police collectively convert the 80000 Windows PCs into the Ubuntu and saved 2 Million Euro.
  10. More than 1 Billion devices are currently running on Ubuntu.
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