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Intellicus Technologies Interview Experience

  • Last Updated : 15 Feb, 2019

There were three rounds:-
Round 1:- Pen Paper based MCQ test
Round 2:- Technical Interview
Round 3:- Director Interview

Round 1
There were two sections:-

  1. Aptitude ( mainly quantitative ) 30 questions were there from the topics like Time and Work, Profit and loss, Pipes and Cistern, etc.
  2. Technical section:- Questions were asked from all the core subjects like:- DBMS, Operating System, Programming Fundamentals, Data Structures and Algorithms.

Around 15 students were shortlisted for the interview rounds.

Round 2
Firstly, the interviewer asked me to introduce myself and asked few questions about the projects I have done. Then he started with the coding questions based on arrays, strings, Linked list and trees. Few questions that I remember are :-
Ques. You are given an array. Write a function to calculate the sum of the array in the following manner:-
Find the sum of pairs i.e. two-two consecutive elements and then grow accordingly. For ex:-
Array :- 1 2 4 5 8 10
Then calculate the sum of (1, 2), (4, 5), (8, 10). This will give 3, 9, 18. Now calculate sum of (3, 9) which will give 12 and finally 12 and 18 will give the sum as 30 which is the answer.

Ques2. Given a linked list and an array. Write a function to delete all the elements of an array from the linked list.
Linked list :- 1->4->7->10->11->18
Array :- 7, 10, 18
Output:- 1->4->11

Ques3. Write a function for level order traversal of a tree. The interviewer also gave me an example tree and told me to perform level order and Inorder traversal on it. Apart from this questions were asked from strings like to find some pattern in the input string. OOPs concepts were asked like what is polymorphism and its real life application. What is a template in C++ and few questions from java like difference between abstract class and interface. At the end he asked me to write few SQL queries and then he asked me if i have any questions for him, I asked about my growth in their company and other general questions. This round lasted 1.5 hours but the interviewer was very frank and helpful so everything went smoothly. As soon as i went out after 10 minutes i was called for the final director round.

Round 3

As I entered the room the director was already going through my resume and without any delay he asked me about my Operating System project. As I was explaining him, he was cross questioning me to test my knowledge. The discussion went around for almost an hour and then he gave me a problem :-

Suppose that you have an Linked list. Write a function to copy this linked list to a file in the following manner:-
Size of the Linked list and then its contents. The main catch here was that i can traverse the list only once. I gave him many approaches like use an hashmap but he said to do it without using an hashmap. I tried a lot of approaches but they were not completely correct. My mind was completely exhausted as it has already been more than an hour. But finally after a lot of discussion i gave an approach and he look satisfied. At the end he too asked me if i have any questions for the company.

The results were out at around 8:30 PM. Only two students were shortlisted.

Tips:- Be confident, interactive and ask as many questions as you can.

Best of Luck.

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