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Intel Interview Experience | Set 4 (On-Campus for Full Time)

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  • Last Updated : 05 Dec, 2017
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Round 1: Resume screening.

They shortlisted 96 people for the personal Interviews as they have the large requirement.
Visiting profiles :  Software + Hardware.
Location : Bangalore

Round 2: Technical Interview
It was a grilling round of total 1 hr 45min. The interviewer seems so cool and has lots of patience. He was so keen on listening to all the words.

  1. Tell me about your M.Tech project?
  2. Tell me about your M.Tech Mini Project?
  3. How would you design an efficient digital traffic light signal system?
  4. Which part of the memory is allocated, when malloc and calloc are called for any variable?
  5. How would you measure the stack space without using the task manager, when an application is running on a computer? Write an algorithm if possible!!!
  6. When a game is running on a computer, what are the resources it will use on a computer? Firmware, Middleware, drivers, Application characteristics, stack
  7. Rate yourself in C and C++?
  8. What is a virtual function?
  9. What is an Inline function?
  10. What is the difference between malloc and calloc?
  11. Tell me about the storage classes and their memory allocation?
  12. Difference between int* const c and const int* c?
  13. What is the virtual memory?
  14. What is an abstract class and what is the use of it?
  15. What is the difference between new and malloc?
  16. What are cache and TLB?
  17. If you’re joined in Intel and was given a cubicle to work, which is far away from your department. How would you feel?
  18. Continuation of Q.17, You agreed to stay away from the working department. Two months later, new joinees are given the cubicles to work, inside the department and still, you’re working in the lab allotted initially. Now, how will you feel?
  19. How would you test a black box using new test cases, given results for old test cases?
  20. What are the precautions to consider while installing a new software on a new server? Check whether server is correct or not first and then start installation process
  21. How would you check whether stack space is overflowed or not?
  22. A simple code on brute force approach, Given a hotel check-in and checkOut list(of a month) containing a number of persons check-in and checkOut on each and every day, find out the days which has maximum check-in and maximum CheckOut?
  23. A psychometric question, If your colleague who is a very close friend, is not following the code and conduct of the firm. What would you do, Whether you will report to the higher officials or not(Reporting to higher officials would break the friendship bond)?

Actually, I forgot many of the questions asked during the Interview. Overall, the interviewer was so helpful in giving the hints when required.

Round 3: Hr round- 20min interview

  1. Tell me about your recent project?
  2. Why Intel?
  3.  How many interviews do you have today apart from Intel?
  4. What are your Preference departments in Intel?

Finale 33 placed(software+hardware)! I was one among them and I was selected for the software domain.
Tips: Go through all the OS concepts, Memory Management concepts in GeeksForGeeks. Thankyou GFG 🙂

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