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Intel Interview Experience | Set 3 (For Graphics SW Engineer Position)
  • Last Updated : 27 Mar, 2017

Intel hires freshers mostly through the Intern conversion program. I was interning in Intel Bangalore office for 11 months and towards the end of my internship duration I was called to interview from another team for the full time ‘Graphics SW Engineer’ position.

Round 1: (60 min)
1. Screening round.
2. They were looking for degree colleges and work experience.
3. They explained the job role and responsibilities and asked are you really interested to join this domain.
4. Asked to give detailed description of internship work (45 min)

Round 2: (60 min)
1. Technical round (C++/OS)
2. Internship work details
3. Virtual memory (why we need it and how to implement it)
4. Mutex vs semaphores
5. Race condition
6. Critical section vs mutex
7. Thread safe code
8. Reentrant function
9. Function pointer
10. Given a program with multiple threads and asked to put mutex and semaphore to achieve ACID properties for program

Round 3: (60 min)
1. Technical round (C++/OS)
2. Internship work details
3. Mutex vs spin lock
4. What locks are used in single core system (mutex or spin lock), Ans: Mutex
5. Delete a node in linked list and you don’t have the head pointer, you are just given a memory address of node which you should delete.
6. Smart pointer
7. C++11 features
8. Bitset
9. Convert a struct into hex string and back to struct. (Use of reinterpret cast with void pointer)

Round 4: (60 min)
1. Problem solving skills round
2. Design a stack in which we should push and pop at both the ends (30 min)
Solve the same using Linked List and Arrays.
Write test case to verify your code.
3. Design autonomous driving car. (30 min)
They were checking how deep we can think and consider all the possible use cases and scenarios

Round 5: (60 min)
1. HR round
2. Tell me about yourself
3. What are your long term goals?
4. Are you be able to work in cross geo team?
5. Why you wanted to pursue when you were already working in IT company. (I worked for 1 year after graduation degree)
6. What difference you felt between actual job and internship?
7. How you felt going back to college after 1 year experience? Does your experience helped you in any important decision?
8. What were the things which excited you in Intel internship?
9. How you manage your work and collaborate within team?

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