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Intel Interview Experience | Set 2 (On-Campus for Full Time)

  • Difficulty Level : Easy
  • Last Updated : 27 Nov, 2015
Geek Week

Intel visited our campus for software profile

Written Round-
      – Elitmus test.
      – they test your logical,mathematical and verbal skills

1st technical round-
      – tell me about yourself
      – counter questions on project
      – reverse a linklist both way iterative and recursive
      – some c++ concepts like virtual function,copy constructure etc.(give some example also)
      – they asked os concepts like scheduling, paging, segmentation, virtual memory, physical memory, cache, thread, semaphor etc.
      – one simple apti. problem based on time speed and distance
      – they asked some questions on python because i mention in my resume
      – some basic questions on pointer,memory allocation etc.

2nd technical round-
      – tell me about yourself
      – so many questions on security and cryptography because i did project on stream cryptography.
      – some web application and user interface questions
      – some questions on networks like how http/https work and some questions on web server.
      – detailed discussion on dbms like uml class,er diagram,some queries etc. one question like you don’t have database and some thousand entries are stored in file and they asked which data structure will be used?
      – code for nth fibonacci number recursive and dp
      – discussion on complexity like merge sort,quick sort etc.
      – some oops concepts.
      – i don’t remember some questions.

NO HR round
Tips- be confident and be prepared what is in your resume.

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