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Integrating Key Promoter X Plugin with Android Studio

Last Updated : 15 Dec, 2021
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Android Studio is the best IDE for android development. Plenty of plugins are available and they can be installed easily via Android Studio itself. A plugin is software written in Java/Kotlin which adds custom features to our Android Studio IDE. The main purpose of installing a plugin is to make the development process easier and reduce unwanted hassle. This article covers the Key Promoter X Plugin.

Key Promoter X Plugin

Key Promoter X helps to get the necessary shortcuts while working on android projects. When the developers utilize the mouse on a button inside the IDE, the Key Promoter X presents the keyboard shortcut that you should have used alternatively. Key Promoter X provides a simple way to study how to replace tiresome mouse work with keyboard keys and helps to transition to faster, mouse-free development. The Key Promoter X tool window gives a hit-list of the mouse actions that are utilized by the developers most and it quickly provides the shortcut that developers can use alternatively. Buttons having no shortcut, the Key Promoter X prompts with the opportunity to directly create one.

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Before Installation

Ensure that your Android Studio is up-to-date, this is necessary to enjoy the latest features. To update Android Studio, Click on Help and then Check for Updates.

Integrating Key Promoter X Plugin with Android Studio


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The process of installing the Key Promoter X Plugin is as follows:

Step 1: Click on File and then select settings. Select Plugins from the menu.

Integrating Key Promoter X Plugin with Android Studio

Step 2: Search for Key Promoter X in the Marketplace and click on Install and then Restart IDE.

Integrating Key Promoter X Plugin with Android Studio


1. Discreet notifications with the shortcut are displayed when a button present on the toolbar, menu, or tool window gets clicked.

2. The shortcuts can be customized by clicking on the displayed shortcut. If a button clicked several times has no shortcut then a notification is displayed for the creation of a shortcut.

3. Provides a hit-list of buttons clicked most and also gives the ability to suppress tips for certain shortcuts (click on don’t show again)

4. Ability to completely disable the notifications in Presentation Mode and Distraction-Free Mode. To achieve this visit Tools ⇒ Key Promoter X in the Settings

5. Ability to disable notification for specific types of buttons

6. The best part about Key Promoter X is that it is being actively maintained and updated on GitHub. If you think that the plugin must have a particular feature then feel free to raise a request here.

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