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Innovaccer Interview Experience | SDE Intern

  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 26 Apr, 2020

I applied for SDE Intern at Innovaccer through their website around November 2019. The Intern hiring programme was named “Summergeeks”. There were 2 rounds.

Round 1: Assignment

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We were asked to make an Entry Management web app for which the time given was around 1 week. The web application must give the user two options:
Check In: The Visitor is asked to enter his/her and Host’s details.Thereafter, a SMS and E-mail is sent to the Host giving the details of the Visitor.
Check Out: The Visitor is asked to enter his/her E-mail Id for verification and after it the visitor is checked out. Thereafter, an email is sent to the visitor containing his/her visit details.
Use of any tech stack was allowed.
Around 80 students from all over India were shortlisted from the round.

Round 2: Telephonic Round

This was the final round and was a telephonic interview. The Interviewer started of by asking about the projects mentioned in my Resume. He asked me to explain all my projects, after which he asked some questions from the tech stack/languages used in those projects. I had mentioned an Image Processing project so he asked me about some OpenCV functions & libraries.

He asked me about HTML/CSS tags, Javascript topics(IIFE, callbacks, hoisting, this keyword, == v/s ===), Restful Routing.

After interviewing about projects, he asked me some data structures & algorithm questions.

Q.1 Detect a loop in a Linked List
Q.2 Merge Sort
Q.3 Find middle of a Linked List in one pass
Q.4 Explain all functions of Priority queue using min heap
Q.5 He asked me a question which was based on Topological Sort
Q.6 Time and Space Complexities of Djikstra’s Algorithm, Counting Sort

At last he asked me 2 questions on MySql.

Q.1 Sql query to find second highest salary?
Q.2 Sql query to find second highest salary without using nested query?

My other friends who also interviewed were asked about OOPs concepts & other CS fundamentals(OS, CN). The interview is mainly focused on projects.

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