Innovaccer Interview Experience for SDE-2

round 1:

  1. Quick discussions around projects at my current company
  2. Design LRU:
    • Write code on a whiteboard
    • Time and space complexity
  3. System design dominos-
    • entity level design
    • interactions b/w entities
    • some new variations

round 2:

  1. System design URL shortener:
    • Indexing in database

round 3:

  1. Dutch national flag problem:

Round 4(HR):

  1. Why innovaccer?
  2. Your plans 5 years down?
  3. Why not masters?
  4. How will you manage conflict?
  5. What makes you uncomfortable and angry?

Round 5(VP: Ankit Maheshwari):

  1. What are you looking forward to your role here?
  2. Why innovaccer and not Google?

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