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innData Analytics Interview Experience for Jr. Data Engineer
  • Last Updated : 14 Sep, 2020

I applied through Linkedin, on there Linkedin account.

Round 1( Aptitude): 30 MCQs about data science, Machine Learning 

Round 2 (Problem-solving Scenario): Machine learning solving round, given a Machine learning problem and to solve by using python /R

Round 3(Technical Interview): Two interviewees interviewed me. Most questions are on OOP, Python, Java Collections & Hadoop 

  1. What is a tuple in python?
  2. Differences between supervised learning and unsupervised learning. 
  3. What is the K N N classifier?  
  4. Differences between classification and regression.
  5. What is OOP?
  6. Inheritance types in java and python?
  7. How can we achieve multithreading?
  8. Explain Python libraries?
  9. Sklearn discussion?
  10. What is big data?
  11. Differences between Hadoop and Apache Spark?
  12. What is map-reduce and define mapper and reducer?
  13. What is RDBMS?
  14. How do we connect to the python database?
  15. Can we add duplicate entries in Tuple?
  16. What is an iterator in java?
  17. Differences between java and python? 
  18. Why java is faster than python?
  19. What else you know except Mysql?
  20. Types of Inheritance in java and python.
  21. Discussed my internship.
  22. Discussed the technologies that I know.
  23. Data cleaning is easy or data processing is easy.
  24. How do we convert String values to categorical numeric values?
  25. What are pandas and NumPy?
  26. How do we create a data frame?
  27. How many ways to create a data frame in python?
  28. Can we create a data frame with two lists?

Round 4 (HR Round): 

  • What are your Achievements 
  • Analytics Vidhya rank 
  • Hackathons you participated

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