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InfyTQ Interview Experience (Certification Exam) 2021

Last Updated : 11 Dec, 2020
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I’m from Amrutvahini College Of Engineering Sangamner, I’m here to share my InfyTQ exam and Interview experience.

Round 1(Screening Test): This year Infosys added a pre-qualifier round in the selection process for Infosys Certification. This was a web proctored test and was online. In this test there were near about 40 multiple choice questions, I don’t remember the exact number of questions. The questions were on the following topic.

  • 20 MCQ’s on Python (JAVA / Python any of them you can choose. It includes OOPS, Data Structures, and Programming Fundamentals)
  • 10 MCQ’s on Database (MySQL and MongoDB)
  • 10 MCQ’s on Aptitude (Directions, Speed and Distance, Time and Work, etc)

They have not mentioned the cut off for this round but it may be near about 75%. Students clearing this round are qualified for the final round. I have cleared this screening test and was qualified for the final round.

Round 2 (Final Round): This was the final round for InfyTQ certification and was in offline mode. My exam was on the 22nd of March 2020 but due to the corona pandemic, this round was postponed and was conducted on the 14th of June 2020 in online web proctored mode. The syllabus for this round was

  • 2 Coding questions (You have to code in the language which you have choose for round 1)
  • 20 MCQ’s on Database and Programming Fundamentals, Data Structures and OOPS.

The weightage for these was not mentioned anywhere but it may be like 60% for coding and 40% for MCQs. The MCQs were basic concepts on the topics mentioned above like queries were given to predict the o/p or table was given what will be the query to get the following result. Some questions were on data structures and oops using python and were easy. The coding questions in my case both questions were of medium difficulty.

The first question was the least number of the unique number after k removals you can check the code here

The second question was on matrix manipulation. I have solved both questions completely and also solved most of the MCQ’s correctly.  After some days I got mail that I have cleared the final round and was selected for an interview for the role of Systems Engineers at Infosys. If you want to clear the InfyTQ exam then prepare well, do practice for problem-solving, and also prepare basics of oops, data structures, and database.

Round 3(Technical Interview): After clearing 2 rounds I get a chance to appear for an interview at Infosys. It was a fully technical interview and the interviewer didn’t ask any HR questions. The questions asked in the interview were

  1. Introduce yourself
  2. Then he asked me in which language I’m comfortable I said python
  3. Asked me why python
  4. Asked code for encapsulation in python
  5. Code for removing vowels from the given string
  6. Which sorting algorithm is best fits to sort a nearly sorted array
  7. When we use heap sort
  8. Asked to write a query to find second highest salary from the given table
  9. Asked where we use the graph in real life

That’s all then he asked me any questions for me so I asked about the next process, and he said HR will be in touch with your college. After someday I got a mail from InfyTQ that I’m selected for the role of Systems Engineers. InfyTQ is a great opportunity for all of you where you can get an offer from Infosys easily. So prepare well if you want to crack InfyTQ.

Thank you..

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