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InfyTQ Interview Experience batch (2021)

Last Updated : 17 Jul, 2020
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Well getting a job before graduation is still a dream for many of the students. so infytq is a platform where you can get a job even before the placement, doesn’t it sounds cool, so let me tell you my whole experience how I got this opportunity. This was all started during the 6th sem. I was in my lab session, suddenly we got a message from our TPO that we are going to apply for a competitive coding named infytq certification. trust me till then I didn’t even know what is infytq and what are the stages to get that job. at that time I didn’t know python much well. I was good in the C program. and we were notified that only python coding is allowed in infytq, so I started to learn python and got all the basics within 2 days(loops, list, some inbuilt functions, and basics math operation) because I was strong in C. I will suggest if you are good at any programming language then it won’t take much time to learn a new language.1.5 months were remaining for the exam so I started revising the Database and Python basics and some aptitude because a new round in introduced before the actual coding exam called screening test. the screening test consists of the basics of (python, aptitude, DBMS, oops). then somehow I managed to clear the screentest I got that confidence to face coding round I was doing coding practice thrice a week for 2 hours because at the same time our college exams were also going on.

Then the day came when we were invited to a place nearby our college to attend for the final round of coding, there we 40mcq and 2 coding questions and this time we can code in both python and java. and trust me if your basics were strong then you can easily crack this round. questions were merely based on string and list and a little bit of logical thinking. I was sure that I will clear this exam(more than 65%) because I solve 2 coding questions and most of the MCQ questions. then the result came after 2 hours of the exam and I was invited to the same place for the interview.

I got nervous because I never thought that I could make this long journey. then I wore formal dress and had taken some required documents they asked for. I went there it took some time to find the conference room where every student was waiting for there interview. I reached there I had given a form to fill and they have taken my resume with that form. then we were called in batches(2-3) there were 3 interviewers there. my turn came I went to the room. the first question i was expected was introduced myself. but things were completely different. they ask me about the infytq final round exam. and something related to my project and trust me this was an easy round. it went well interviewer told me to work on communication skills as I was nervous then and told me to prepare for the next round. I really felt happy after hearing this. but you know what we didn’t get our results yet due to the COVID crisis we are hoping to get out results soon.. if you are preparing for infytq then all the best if I can make this so do you. Thanks, geeks for geeks to help to learn python easily its a good website to learn and grow!!

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