InfyTQ Interview Experience – 2019

On 14th August 2019, I appeared for the InfyTq test in Kolkata as there was no slot in Ranchi. I had to carry my Call Letter, Resume, 2 passport size Photograph, College ID card, and Original Identification Proof, in which your DOB matches with your DOB mentioned ob the InfyTQ platform.

I was told to report at 9 am. Then after some time, all the participants assembled in the auditorium where we were given information about the company and job role, salary, etc. for which we were competing (System Engineer). We were also told that for passing the test, we were required to score a minimum of 65%.
Then we were asked to go to the lab. We were asked to log in. After this, we were given 3 hrs to finish the test.
The test had two sections.

First Round: The first section included 20 MCQ questions.

Second Round:This section was Hands-on Coding. It included 2 programming questions. We are rewarded points based on the number of test cases passed on running the program.

The programming questions were challenging.

  1. The first question asked me to take a string input containing alphabets, numbers and special symbols (say 3$5&^*7264&). Then, I had to count the number of special symbols. The above example has 5 special symbol which is odd, so I had to print an odd number first followed by an even number. The output should only consist of digits.
    Hint: The output should be 325674.
  2. I was asked to take an input say (12630). I had to find out all the numbers in this input which was a multiplication of consecutive numbers. It included 2(1*2), 6(2*3), 12(3*4), 30(5*6).

I was able to run those codes and I got all the test cases right for the first and second questions. But in the second question, I had to print the list of all those numbers. I was not able to run all the test cases, but 9 out of 10 run successfully.

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