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Infytq Certification Experience for 2021 freshers

Last Updated : 10 Jan, 2023
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InfyTq Certification Experience for 2021 freshers.

Unlike Last year (2019) this year of infytq certification had a qualifier round, and anyone clearing the qualifier round would be eligible to attend the final round .

Qualifier Round :
The qualifier round consisted of 40 mcqs, 1 hour .
out of which 20 mcqs where on python programming/Java programming (depends on which language you choose)
10 MCQ’s On aptitude

For every right answer you get +1 Marks and for every wrong answer you get a -0.25 marks.
The cutoff for this exam wasn’t disclosed.
This exam can be written from our home, where we will be proctored by a webcam .

The results for this round where declared after a few days.

Round 2:
Everyone who cleared round 1 were eligible to write this round, a slot was booked for everyone who cleared the first round at an exam center .
This exam was similar to what we had last year. we were asked to gather at the examination center by 8:15 Am.
The examination was of 3 hours . 9:00 Am to 12:00 Pm .
This exam consisted of 2 hands on coding questions which would test your problem solving skills .
A reference document was given to us for the sake of language syntax .
Hands-on questions:
One was quite easy and the other one was trick. Marks were allocated on the basis of number test cases being passed .
The other half consisted of 20 MCQ’s from data structures, Python / Java, DBMS.

One needs to score 65% of more in this exam to qualify this round.

My Experience:
I cleared both the qualifier round and round 2 with ease, Round 2’s result was announced shortly after the exam commenced . Out of around 500+ students, around 40 students cleared the exam, considering the fact that a huge amount of students were filtered in the qualifier round, this was quite a shocker as even after such strong filtering, a very less amount of students were selected in the second round.

After the results were announced, we were asked to wait in a room and were handed out application forms to fill in and wait for our call for the HR interview.
The HR interview like every other interview asked basic questions about myself, and asked me to explain a random project from my resume, it was done in a few minutes.

Overall if you are good enough with the basics of python/Java(depends on which language you choose for the certification), DBMS, data structures and algorithms . You will clear this exam with ease.

I was told by the HR that further details about the Power Programmer would be sent to me in few weeks.

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