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InfyTQ Certification Experience 2021

Last Updated : 10 Jan, 2023
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InfyTQ Certification: The certification consists of three rounds.

  • Qualifier Round
  • Coding Round
  • Pre-Placement Interview

Round 1(Qualifier Round): My exam slot was on Feb 23rd. I hardly prepared for a week from the InfyTQ portal. All the concepts on their official website are more than enough for the MCQs.

The qualifier round consists of 40 MCQs.

  • 20 from Python
  • 10 from DBMS
  • 10 from Aptitude

Time management is crucial. This round can be attempted from home where we will be proctored by webcam. I had attempted around 35+ MCQs correctly. The MCQs were of easy to moderate level difficulty.

The marking criteria were +1 for every correct MCQ and -0.25 for every incorrect MCQ.

I received a mail on March 3rd Stating I was qualified for the 2nd round. 

Round 2 (Online Coding Round): My exam slot was on March 21st But due to lockdown, it was postponed. This round was conducted on June 14th. It was a webcam proctored round and can be attempted from home.

This round consists of 

  • 20 MCQs on Python , DBMS
  • 2 coding questions

The MCQs were of easy to moderate level of difficulty. The coding questions were of moderate level difficulty. All test cases of both coding questions were passed and around 15+ MCQs were correctly attempted. 

As I had scored more than 65% in the 2nd round, I was notified about the pre-placement interview through mail on July 6th.

Round 3 (Virtual Interview): I received a mail from Infosys regarding the interview details on Nov 23rd Stating that my virtual interview had been scheduled on Nov 24th at 10:00 am. In an hour I received another mail that my interview had been rescheduled to 12:00pm.

The interview is a combination of Technical and HR assessment.

My Interviewer is a very positive and cool person.

Questions Asked: He asked me to show my ID proof.

  1. Have you completed your InfyTQ certification?
  2. Which language did you use for InfyTQ certification?
  3. What is your long term goal?
  4. Why should we hire you?
  5. Explain the project which I mentioned in my resume.
  6. Asked some project-related questions
  7. Have you worked with any databases? If yes which one?
  8. What is an Index of a Table?
  9. Advantages and Disadvantages of Index of a table?
  10. Write a program to print 1-100 numbers which are divisible by 3, divisible by 5, divisible by 3 and 5.
  11. Have you worked with OOPS?
  12. Difference between C++ and Python?
  13. Any questions for him?

He said that he was satisfied with my answers and will be looking forward to meeting me at Infosys. It was a great interview with him. I was a bit nervous but seeing his positivity I was confident enough from my side.

Finally, I received mail from Infosys that I had cleared InfyTQ certification and was offered SE Role at Infosys on Dec 7th.

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