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InfyTQ Certification Exam Qualifier Experience | Batch 2022

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Placement Season is here.

  • I was in my 6th semester when the news Infosys off-campus hiring exam broke. Although INFYTQ is a certification exam Infosys also offers jobs for the student who scores more than 65%.
  • Let us start from the very beginning I registered for this certification course on 20th March. I had to sign up at with few basic details after which I had to registered for this exam which was free of cost, but it required us to choose a programming language either JAVA or Python beforehand (keep in mind that we can change the language once we register) and also to book a slot, they provided few options out of which 3rd April 1 P.M. was the most suited one for me.
  • Note: These slots were on a first come first serve basis Students who registered late had to pick from the remaining slots.
  • Since this is a certification course the site contains all the learning material for Programming basic, Data Structures, and Algorithm, Database Management System, along with a few sample papers. The syllabus wasn’t clear they mentioned 3 topics that are Programming (20 MCQs of your preferred language), DBMS (10 MCQs SQL + NoSQL), and finally Aptitude(10 MCQs).
  • The sample paper provided was different from the actual exam still it gave the essence of what was coming.
  • On the day of the exam, I got to know that we can’t revisit a question can only attempt the exam in a particular sequence Programming (35 Mins) followed by DBMS (15 Mins) and Aptitude (10 Mins).


  • With 20 MCQs including OOPS concept, Data structure, Dry runs of given code, Testing, etc. 35 mins were more than what was required although since revisiting a question was not an option you’ll have to decide to go ahead with the problem or skip it.
  • Even if you complete this exam before 35 min no extra time is allotted for the remaining sections.


  • With 15 mins and 10 MCQs including joins, transactions, Normalization, NoSQL, SQL Queries (Order By, Having, Aggregate functions) I took 3 mins to solve the very first question however I was able to attempt every problem with at least 1 min to solve it.


  • 10 mins to solve and type of aptitude questions are not sufficient I was able to solve 7 problems when I got the notification of only 10 seconds remaining on the clock

It was an online proctored exam my webcam and mic were on all this time, switching tabs could lead to disqualification.

It was a good exam although easy, the time restriction made it a bit tougher on 13th April I received a mail from Infosys that I have qualified for the Final Round 

Last Updated : 10 Jan, 2023
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