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InfyTQ-2020 Certification Experience during COVID-19(At home)

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InfyTQ 2020 is a certification exam conducted by Infosys through which the final year students who will be graduating in 2021 are recruited.

I heard about InfyTQ certification from my placement officers. I then, registered for the exam and was given the dates for the qualifier exam (Round 1). We are required to book a slot for the exam. There were about 5 dates and on FCFS basis, the slots were filled.

For this, we need to pre-select the language (Only Python/Java). Once the language is selected, no looking back again. As I’m used to Python, I chose Python. 

Round 1:

This was an online exam( i.e. allowed to take the test from any location) and was proctored by a webcam.

This round consisted of 40 mcqs and we were given 1 hour. 

  • 20 on Python/Java
  • 10 on aptitude
  • 10 on DBMS

I felt that Python section was quite easy. If you have atleast known the basics, you’ll get around 10 questions. In my case, I’m sure that I gave 15+ questions right. 

For me, aptitude questions were moderate and DBMS was not a big deal at all.

Have an eye on timer, You only have SIXTY minutes. If you stick on to aptitude, you’ll lose.

And to be remembered you will be given 1 mark for any correct answer, and 0.25 is deducted for every wrong answer.

The cutoff wasn’t disclosed.

A couple of weeks later, the results were announced and I was shortlisted.

Few weeks later, we were informed about the next round of certification and it’s date and venue. 

It was supposed to be on 21st march in our college. Due to COVID-19, the exam was postponed.

Later, we got a mail saying that the exam is rescheduled on 14th June and will be online as the first round.

Round 2:

Unlike the previous years, we were allowed to take the test online from home.

This round is a 3 hours exam and NO NEGATIVE marking.

The pattern of this round is:

  • Hands-on coding- 2
  • MCQs – 20

To be able to clear the exam, you have to score atleast 65% in the exam. 

The MCQs are mostly on DBMS, Python, Data Structures. Hardly 2-3 questions were appeared other than these topics. As I’m interested in DBMS, I gave 30% of the mcqs with ease. Overall, it was not that hard.

I passed all the test cases of both the programs. One was in the very easy rack and the other took almost 1.5 hours for me. 

As I cracked both the programs, I’m sure about clearing this round too.

On 6th July, I received a mail congratulating me for clearing the final round. This year the cleared students percentage is comparatively high. In my college, 4% students got to clear the final round. 

In the previous year, the student can reappear the exam after 3 months in two setbacks. But this year, there is no information officially regarding this.

The next round will be HR interview for the System Engineer role where the interview usually happens on the same day of the final round. But this year, COVID_19 changed the whole thing. The mail have mentioned that the interview will also be digital (e-meeting) and is yet to happen.


Last Updated : 10 Jan, 2023
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