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Infybeam Interview Experience | Set 1
  • Last Updated : 17 Oct, 2016

I. Field of interest(I told data structure and problem solving)
II. project
III. How to find whether a loop in a linked list is present or not & if present then find the point of loop.
IV. An array consists of only 0,1 & 2 in an unsorted manner.sort the array.
V. 8 queens problem(backtracking)
VI. Coins with weight puzzle:100 bags with coins like 1st bag has 1 coin,2nd bag has 2 coins & so on.all the coins weigh 1gm but only one bag has coins with weight of 1.1 gm.identify the bag.
VII. Swapping problem using pointer.(he wrote a code where input values for a,b variable has to be swapped.asked me to write the arguments for the function he used using pointers)
VIII. Puzzle-4 person & a torch light problem.

Round 2

Given the inorder and preorder traversals, find the binary tree corresponding to them.
• Given an array of integers and a value k, find a pair of array entries whose sum is equal to k. Brute force approach will not be considered.
• Given a binary tree with parent pointers to every node in addition to the left child and right child pointers and a pointer to the root and a pointer to any node, return the mirror node. What if the pointer to the root is not given?
• What do you know about design patterns in Java?
• How does singleton design pattern look like?
• How to make the singleton design pattern thread-safe?

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