Infozech Interview Experience (On Campus)

Infozech visited our department(Department of Computer Science).
Post: Trainee Software Engineer

Round 1: Aptitude Test(65 mins 60 questions)

This test consisted of all the various aptitude problems from variety of topics like puzzles, arithmetic & geometric series, permutation–combination, clocks and calendars, upstream-downstream, average, seating arrangement.

To clear this test one should be good at Quantitative Aptitude, Verbal Ability, Technical Questions(C, JAVA, DBMS basic questions). I would say Indiabix will be enough to prepare to clear this round .

Round 2: Coding Round(45 mins)

We were given five questions and we had to do only one.I choosed the second one which was finding all those number which are square as well as palindrome in a given range.

Round 3: Technical Round

The companies like Infozech give a thorough training to any hired employee. So they expect us to be good at basics of the subjects. I was asked a few questions like:

1. Tell me about yourself.

2. Which are your favourite subjects?

3. I told JAVA and Data Structure.

4. They asked me several questions like:

i). Difference among JDK,JRE,JVM.
ii). Difference b/w Array vs Linked List.
They asked me lots of questions like LIFO vs FIFO, final vs finally vs finalize, composite key,candidate key, normalization,oracle driver, connected vs disconnected mode.

This round went well. I was able to answer almost all questions correctly.The interviewer were very friendly.

Round 4: HR Round

i).Tell me about yourself.
ii).Family background.
iii).Where do you see yourself after 5 years from now?
iv).What will you do if another company offer you higher salary than we do?
v). can you work on a different technology which is not of your choice?
vi).Who is your Ideal.
There were some technical questions as well like :
Tell me describe some sorting algorithms.
Usually upto which normal form we normalize a table?
You should readily agree to this as far as I think. They don’t expect you to say NO.

You weakness & strength. You may read to see answers to all common questions

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