Infosys Virtual Interview Experience for Power Programmer | HackWithInfy 2020

After clearing 2 coding rounds of HackWithInfy Challenge and solving 2/3 questions in round 2, got PPI for Power Programmer:

Technical Interview 1: 

  • No of Panelists:1
  • Duration: 1 hour

Intro in the very beginning. Just after that, the interviewer gave me a question to code while sharing my screen. 

  • Problem: Given a palindrome number, find the next higher palindrome.
  • After that, he started asking questions about my projects (cryptography).

Then some very basic questions from Computer Networks, DS, and DBMS.

Technical Interview 2:

  • No of Panelists:1
  • Duration: 15mins

After the intro, the interviewer started asking questions from my Internship project tech stack – Spring boot, maven, hibernate. He asked questions that you could answer only if you have worked on that tech.

For example: Project structure of spring boot? How to initialize the spring boot project? Commands used to run the project, Maven commands? How do you connect hibernate to the database? Which database used? Background working of spring boot when you run the project?

After evaluation, they offered a System Engineer Specialist.

Thanks to Geeksforgeeks for the ocean of learning materials that helped me go through all of this.

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