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Infosys SES Interview Experience | HackWithInfy 2020

Last Updated : 21 Dec, 2020
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Infosys conducts Hack With Infy challenge every year across the country. We can get placed in Infosys if we give a decent performance.

  • Platform: Hacker earth.
  • Round 1: Coding
  • No.of questions: 3
  • Duration: 3 hrs.
  • Difficulty level: Varies from one set to another. I got 2 easy ones and a medium one.
  • Questions solved: 2

Tip: Using a brute force approach can clear 30 – 40% of the test cases.

Round 2(Coding):

  1. No.of questions: 3
  2. Duration: 3 hrs.
  3. Difficulty level: Varies from one set to another. I got a medium and 2 hard ones.
  4. Questions solved: 1

Both the rounds are elimination rounds. People who clear Round 1 can participate in Round 2. People clearing Round 2 were given PPI(Pre-Placement Interview) for the Systems Engineer. Top performers were given PPI for the Power programmer. I got PPI for the SES role.

Round 3(Interview):

  1. Duration: 50 mins (May vary depending upon the panel. Many of my friends had 15 mins, 20 mins interview).
  2. Difficulty level: Easy.


  1. Self-introduction.
  2. Which programming language are you comfortable in? (I told Java).
  3. Differences between an Abstract class and an Interface. Also asked to create an Interface.
  4. Virtual class Vs pure virtual class.
  5. What is Pass by value and Pass by reference? The interviewer gave two codes and asked which is Pass by value and which is Pass by reference.
  6. Polymorphism and its types with examples.
  7. Some basic SQL queries.
  8. Write an SQL query to retrieve the name of the employee with the third-highest salary.
  9. What is the procedure?
  10. What are the triggers?
  11. Advantages of procedures.
  12. What is the Primary key?
  13. What is a Unique keyword?
  14. What is a Clustered index?
  15. Asked to explain the project I did during my internship.
  16. Challenges I faced during the project.
  17. What are the new technologies I learned during the internship?
  18. Program for Bubble sort.
  19. Program to count the number of words in a given string.
  20. Program to reverse a string without using in-built functions.
  21. Code for creating and using a HashMap.
  22. How much do you rate yourself on Java and DBMS?
  23. Why do you want to join Infosys?
  24. How do you see yourself in the next five years?
  25. Discussion on my other areas of interest.

I answered all the questions except one.

Two and a half months after the interview, I got a mail from Infosys that I’m selected for the role.

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