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Infosys Power Programmer Role Selection Experience Through INFYTQ

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Round 1: Round 1 is INFYTQ Certification Exam, In this Exam, I was given two competitive coding questions with python3 as the only available programming language and also 20 MCQ questions from both Python3 concepts (including coding, data structures, OOPS, etc) and also Database (mostly SQL/MYSQL queries output ) and 1 MongoDB question(basic find query).
There were nearly 700 participants in INFYTQ Certification Exam in my center but only 3 cleared the cut-off (including me of course) of 65% and were shortlisted for on the spot HR Interview, Since I scored 85% and well above the cut-off, I was also shortlisted for the HR interview.
HR Interview:-
HR Interview was actually very easy compared to anything else, interviewer was friendly and asked general questions like “Tell me about yourself.”, “Are you willing to relocate?”, “Why do you want to join Infosys?”, etc.
Interviewer also asked me about my internships and Projects, I explained my role and my work in the internship as well as in the project.

Weeks passed without any results then I received an “Upgradation Test” mail from infyTQ which basically was a coding contest on HackerRank for the position of either “Power Programmer (PP)” or “System Engineer Specialist(SES)”, which is discussed below as Round 2.

Round 2: It was a coding contest on HackerRank platform allowing language flexibility, but I choose Python3.
There were 3 competitive Coding questions, according to difficulty level, I would consider 1 question to be Easy and other 2 Questions to be Medium.
3 Hours or 180mins were given for the contest and because of my practice and typing speed(over 100WPM accurately), I was able to complete the contest with all test cases passed for every question in under 30 mins.

Later that week, I received mail for “PPI” or “Pre-Placement Interview” for Power-Programmer Profile from INFYTQ which is described below as Round -3.

Round 3: Reporting time given to me was 9:00AM, there I filled my detailed information like Personal information(Name, email, …etc), Academic information(School, college, marks etc) and If i had attended any earlier infosys related hiring events.
After I filled the information, my turn for Technical Interview showed up at around 5:00 PM (I waited for like 6-7 hours).
Technical Interview:- Interviewer asked me few basic questions about programming, gave some easy patterns, after 10 mins, he started giving coding questions with deeper and complex concepts.
Questions from Dynamic Programming, BFS, DFS, Graphs etc, He also asked me questions related to DBMS, Operating System(kernels and few real life scenario questions), Maths(Geometry basically) . My interview lasted for around 45 mins to 1 hour.
After that, I waited for results. (few of my friends who gave PP Technical Round were invited for another interview for SES profile as they failed to meet their expectations for PP role) .
After around 30mins of waiting, My name was announced and I was invited for HR interview  which is described below:-
HR interview:- HR interview was actually very easy, Interviewer verified my identity through Aadhar Card and College ID, then asked me basic questions like “You applied for Power Programmer Profile, are you willing to relocate? ” . Informed me few important details like “Your college will receive whether you got selected or not.”, “You’ll be receiving CTC of 8LPA”.
Interviewer also asked me “Do you know about your responsibilities for PP role?”, for which I answered “Yes” and elaborated as I had earlier done some research online about work of PP in Infosys and managed to convince the interviewer.

Well, After 2-3 weeks, I visited my college Placement Cell and asked for results(if they got any), and My name was written in their records as selected for PP.

This is my Infosys Power Programmer Selection Experience.

Last Updated : 10 Jan, 2023
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