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Infosys On Campus Exam and Interview

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Hello ! I am a Computer Science student from IP University and have been placed in TCS and Wipro apart from Infosys. I gave my Infosys exam and interview in October 2019 (seventh semester) of my final B.Tech academic year. I was one of the few students who were selected from my college to be a part of the Infosys Family. We were asked to be dressed formally for both, the test and the interview session. The selection procedure took place in two major sections : Round 1 (Online test) :  The online test was held in a different college of IP University as it was a pool drive for students of IP University. A window of 45 minutes was given for reporting. Upon entering the college, the IDs and hall tickets were checked and then we were led to labs for the commencement of the test. There were two sets of test. Although the sections were same in both the sets, the questions differed. The whole test was of 90 minutes. No break was given in between. So I would advise you to use the washroom before the commencement of the exam if required. We could carry a pen (for working) and water bottle with us to our seats. The sheets for rough work was provided on our seats and there was no limit on the number of sheets to be used while giving the test. There were total 4 sections in the test namely :
  1. Logical Reasoning : This section consisted of 13-15 questions and was of 30 minutes. The difficulty of the questions was more than most of the questions that you will come across in other such tests. It will be very difficult to answer any question accurately unless you have already practiced at least a few such questions.
  2. Verbal English : This was one of the easiest sections of the test. If you can converse in english moderately then this section should be a cake walk for you. This section had 40 questions and the time allotted was 35 minutes. The questions included correcting the sentences, unseen passage and questions related to the passage and some questions on ordering the jumbled sentences in correct order.
  3. Quantitative Aptitude : The quantitative section consisted of only 10 questions and the time given was 25 minutes. The difficulty of the questions was more than most the questions that you will come across in other placement tests. Also the time allotted for each question is less than what a beginner would take to solve. So the ultimate key to cracking such a test is practice. You’ll soon see the tricks of each question yourself when you solve some of the same type of questions.
  4. Cryptarithametic¬†: This section wasn’t a separate section all together but a few questions were found in the logical reasoning and the quantitative aptitude sections of the test. These are the questions which need prior practice and can’t be solved in one go. If you are short on time and need to prepare then this section needs to be paid most attention to.
Round 2 (Interview) : After the result of the test is announced (a few days after the test), the selected students are called for the interview. The interview takes place in a different college campus of IP University. You should be well dressed in formals and must have your resume with you on the day of interview. Upon reaching the venue, your documents are verified which you would be asked to get in advance. The students are called for interview, college wise. My interview took place in a separate building from where we were asked to assemble which had several small rooms. Each room had an interviewer and the students were supposed to take their resume along with them at the time of the interview. The interview begins and you will be asked questions related to computer science or your field of engineering. I was asked a few commands of SQL and concepts of Object Oriented Programming. My interview continued for about 15 minutes but some of my friends’ interviews went on for as long as 45 minutes. So get in a habit of speaking for a long time. Make sure to greet the interviewer and make yourself comfortable before the interview starts. Make your points clear and well presented when asked a technical question. In case you do not know the answer to a certain question, reply that you don’t know in a polite manner. This will dodge you from losing your confidence in something you don’t know and not make you feel like a loser. Also, make sure to act confident in front of the interviewer even if you are not. All the best !    

Last Updated : 10 Jan, 2023
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