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Infosys Off-Campus Interview Experience (HackWithInfy)

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  • Last Updated : 04 Sep, 2019
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Round 1: It was coding round organized on Hackerrank. Three hour long contest comprising of three programming questions. Generally they are leveled as Easy – Medium – Hard. But if you are fortunate you might get two easy ones also. My first question was simple array based and second was related to sorting and greedy algorithm and third one was based on Graph traversal. I was able to solve first one completely, second one partially(18 out of 21 testcases) and could not solve third one. In general if you are able to solve at least one question you might qualify for the second round. They select top 7000 applicants.

Round 2: This round is similar to the first one but the only difference is the level of the questions is tough as compared to first round. I was lucky enough to get two easy questions as compared to others and third one was again based on Graph (Find the optimal solutions, required use dynamic programming also) . I was able to crack first two and pass some test cases of the third one ( 3-4 test cases). Top 200 – 300 hundred participants got the chance to appear for technical interview for the post of Power Programmer. Next 3000 were eligible for System Engineer or System Engineer Specialist). Also top 109 students were called for onsite hackathon round in Pune Infosys Campus.

Technical Interview :

It was a Skype interview held at Infosys Nagpur office.
Interview was around 1hr to 1hr 15 mins.

  • Introduce yourself: Introduced.
  • Explain the current status of my final year project : Explained
  • Consider I am a beginner in programming explain me OOP Concept : Explained with examples. (On skype they allow you to use notepad and you have to share the screen)
  • Asked questions related to access specifiers :
    • Can classes be private in Java?
    • Access specifier other than Private and Public?
  • What are the technology stacks I have worked with? Answered all like C++, Java, MySQL, NoSQL, Android, PHP etc.
  • Difference between Structured and Non- Structured Databases? Explained.
  • Write a program to print all permutations of string. First I did it using the nextpermutation() method of c++. Appreciated me on that, but then asked me to write my own logic. Took 10 mins but could not write complete but near about 80% of the logic as much as I could remember. Appreciated my approach. (Trick is do not give up very soon, keep trying).
  • Write a program to print duplicates from the given string . First I wrote it using count array but he was not completely satisfied with the approach so he cross questioned me what is an alternative for arrays so I told him about vectors and maps. Then he asked can you solve this question using maps. I wrote and explained the advantages of using maps over arrays.
  • Explain inheritance with proper example. Explained.
  • Explain compile time errors and run time errors. Explained with examples.
  • How would you handle run time errors? Answered .
  • What are Exceptions and name some predefined exceptions. Answered.
  • Why is finally block used in Exceptions? Answered .
  • What are API? Answered.
  • What are my Aspirations ? Answered briefly.
  • Asked me to wait for the HR interview.

HR Interview: It was just a formality where the did some checks weather I am okay with stuffs like relocating and traveling. Then they announced the results after 15 minutes, and all the applicants who appeared for power programmer profiles were selected.

Thank You.

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