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Infosys Interview Experience(System Engineer Specialist)
  • Difficulty Level : Basic
  • Last Updated : 26 Aug, 2019

Infosys conducted a online coding competition hackwithinfy for 2020 batch and nearly 1, 18, 000 students participated.

Round 1:Online Coding Round(3 hrs)

This round was held on a hackerrank medium and consist of 3 problems.These quetions were little bit easy if you have practised dynamic programming.

Round 2:Online Coding Round(3 hrs)

Top 7000 from round 1 got shortllisted for round 2 .Again this round consist of 3 problems but little bit tough. You will monitored through a webcam.

Round 3:Technical Interview

Top 300 got pre placement interview for Power Programmer(8 Lac package) and Top 3000 get pre placement interview for System engineer specialist(5 Lac package).

I got pre placement interview for SES role.

The Interview questions were

1.explain your profile.

2.primary key

3.acid propertires

4.foreign key

5.sorting program

6.linked list program

7.what is ai, ml, blockchain

8.questions on projects

9.questions on sql

10.question from android and java(since i put my technical skills as java and android).

overall the interview was quite need to strong in dynamic programming and dbms and your projects.

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