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Infosys Interview Experience – Technical Round

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  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 19 Jul, 2019

This was a taxing 40 mins to 1 hour interview session with only one member in the panel.

Interviewer : OK, So Ashrith you are from Hyderabad?

Me: Yes Sir.

Interviewer : Ok so let’s get started with the questions. You have to be hurry in answering. So are you ready?

Me: Yes sir.

Interviewer : What is String Immutability?

Me: Explained

Interviewer : What is pickling and unpickling??

Me : Sorry Sir, I don’t know.

Interviewer : Write a code to demonstrate dynamic method dispatch.

Me : Did

Interviewer : What is an abstract class and how do you declare abstract method in Python?

Me : Told.

Interviewer : Can static, private, final methods be overridden?

Me : No sir. However overriding static methods won’t give any compile time error but the other 2 will.

Interviewer : Good. How are arguments passed by value or by reference?

Me : told.

Interviewer : So Ashrith, What is PYTHONPATH?

Me : It is an environment variable which is used when a module is imported.

Interviewer : What is static class?

Me : Told

Interviewer : In a List and in a Dictionary, What Are the Typical Characteristics of Elements?

Me : Told.

Interviewer : What do you mean by transparent DBMS?

Me : Did

Interviewer : What is static field. Give me its application

Me : Did

Interviewer :  What is 1 NF (Normal Form)?

Me : Explained

Interviewer : When can you override clone method of Object class.

Me : Sir only when that class implements Cloneable which is a tagging interface. And we should do that only when there will arise a problem of shallow copy.

Interviewer : What is an extensible framework?

Me : (Thinking…Thinking….).

Interviewer : Remember, if others answers this question, you will be gone!

Me : (Tensed)

Interviewer : OK, so tell me why Python is platform independent?

Me : Told

Interviewer : What if we have constructors in both Parent and Child Class?

Me : Use super() to execute parent class’ constructor and normally for child’s.

Interviewer : Do you know super and self?

Me : Yes sir and explained.

Interviewer : What is meant by query optimization?

Me : The phase that identifies an efficient execution plan for evaluating a query that has the least estimated cost is referred to as query optimization.

Interviewer : Wrong & What is meant by <> ?

Me : Told

Interviewer : OK, so explain to me the internal working of Hash-map in python.

Me : Explained him thoroughly using separate chaining method and using a bucket array. A lot of questions were asked from it as well.

Interviewer : Ok Ashrith now let me now test on your problem solving skills?

Interviewer : Explain me using generator to print the even numbers between 0 and n in comma separated form while n is input by console. Do it for me in the most efficient way. Just tell me the approach.

Me : Use yield to produce the next value in generator. In case of input data being supplied to the question, it should be assumed to be a console input.

Interviewer : Good that will work. Over to the next question.

Define a function which can generate a dictionary where the keys are numbers between 1 and 20 (both included) and the values are square of keys. The function should just print the values only.

Me: Sir, Use dict[key]=value pattern to put entry into a dictionary.
Use ** operator to get power of a number.
Use range() for loops.
Use keys() to iterate keys in the dictionary. Also we can use item() to get key/value pairs.

Interviewer : How will u detect loop in a linked list?

Me : Will keep a boolean array and if i visit one loop will mark it as visited….

Interviewer : (Interrupting me.) I don’t want to waste extra space.

Me : Ok let me give another try sir….

Interviewer : How about applying two pointers here?

Me : Okay Sir I got it. (Explained him my approach with two pointers).

Interviewer : Write an SQL query to Select all names that start with a given letter

Me : Wrote.

Interviewer : Okay so lets move on to puzzles. Do you like solving them?

Me : Yes sir.(though am not)

Interviewer : What is the maximum number of runs that a batsman can score in an ideal case ?

Me : 6 sir. (Actually am wrong)

Interviewer : OK Ashrith, I am done. Thanks for your time.

Me : Thank you Sir.

I think I missed few questions that were asked.I cleared the technical round and had another round (HR) which lasted for around 30 minutes. Then all of us were told that we have been shortlisted after having clearing written test. However they couldn’t confirm us the offer as they have to visit other centers and will take total of 200 candidates from all over India.

It was an awesome experience and for the first time. Waiting for the results.

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