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Infosys Interview Experience (On Campus-2019 for the role of System Engineer)

Last Updated : 03 Jun, 2020
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Hello Readers, 

I am a Computer Engineer pass out from Vidyavardhini’s College of Engineering and Technology. This was my first and last job interview as I had  decided to do masters in India and was preparing for GATE 2020 exam and I had no interest in placements. But as our college had made it compulsory for everyone to sit for the first round I too had to appear. The company had visited our campus around mid of September 2019. 


Round 1:  Aptitude and Reasoning Test 

On the day of test, I had not prepared anything as I was just there to mark my presence. I had heard from my friends that The Aptitude and Reasoning test of Infosys is a bit difficult and specially the reasoning section. I was sure that I would not pass as I had just prepared GATE level aptitude which was very basic.The test started and I started solving the questions. I noticed that I was able to solve some questions easily by GATE ‘s option elimination technique. As I kept on solving my confidence increased. I could see my other friends were a bit nervous while solving but i was enjoying because I had nothing to lose. I didn’t wanted the job. 

Summary about the test: 

Aptitude Quant level – Easy to Medium 

Logical Reasoning level – Medium to Difficult 

The test ended and the results were out by evening on that day itself and I had cleared the test. 

Out of around 240+ students, around 120 students had cleared the test. I was happy that without studying for the test I had cleared it. 

The interview was scheduled next day. 


Round 2:  HR/Technical Interview 

The shortlisted students were called for the interview at 9 am . The interview started at 10.30 am. Students were called randomly and my turn for the interview came around 5.30 pm ?. By that time we had got an idea about different questions asked in the interview. Few students were asked technical questions and few students had only HR type questions and questions on my final year project.Luckily my interview had only HR questions. 


Interviewer: (Seeing my CGPA and all previous academic records) You have maintained a nice academic record. Good. 

Me: Thank you Sir. 

Interviewer: So explain your final year project that you have written in your resume? 

Me: (Explained in Depth for around 2-3 minutes) 

Interviewer: Good. So who’s idea it was to choose this as a project. 

Me: Sir it was my Project partner named XYZ ‘s idea. 

Interviewer: OK. How much percentage of your project is completed? 

Me: (told) 

Interviewer: (Seeing my hobbies in my resume) Oh you have written weight training as your hobby.So how much kilos you can lift? 

Me:(I was actually surprised and said) Sir it depends on exercise and which body part I am training. 

Interviewer: Okay. How many kilos chest press can you do? 

Me: (Told) 

Interviewer: Shoulder press? 

Me: (Told) 

(For 2-3 minute my interview went on gym and I was answering as if I was having a discussion with my gym buddy? ) 

Interviewer: Okay so do you have any questions? 

(A night before I had googled a fab question which mostly a candidate might not ask an interviewer) 

Me: Yes sir. Which company do you think is a tough competitor for Infosys and why? 

Interviewer: (The Interviewer was surprised and started smiling) Why do you want to know this?? 

Me: Sir , other information regarding the companies training and work culture is available on the internet but this information can only be answered by you as an employee. 

Interviewer: (Answered to my questions my taking many company names and then saying it as TCS to be the toughest competitor). 

Me: Okay sir.Thank you. It was nice speaking to you. 

Interviewer: Same here, Thank you. 


After the interview was over the list was out after 2-2.5 hrs and yes I was selected.That day I learnt one thing that some things are bound to happen even if you don’t want. I never wanted that job as I was preparing for GATE 2020. Further I gave GATE CSE 2020 and also scored AIR 1567 in it. 


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