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Infosys Interview Experience (InfyTQ)

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  • Difficulty Level : Basic
  • Last Updated : 23 Dec, 2020
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Infosys hires through 3 ways for freshers. I applied for infytq in January. There are 3 rounds for selection through infytq.

We had our first round for infytq which they called the screening test on 12th February. The round was of 1 hour consisting of MCQ questions with a marking scheme of +1 and -2.5. It had 10 aptitude questions, 10 DBMS questions, and 20 programming questions. The questions were of moderate level. The best way to prepare for this round is to go through the modules thoroughly, almost everything is covered in those modules which are available on the Infosys website, and would help for further rounds too. 

The results of the screening round were announced on 28th February 2020 and I qualified. Then we got the information that we have our next and final round that is the coding + MCQ round on 21st march. But to add to our luck coronavirus delayed everything, And then we had to wait for 3 long months when we got the mail that the final round would be conducted online. This round had 2 coding questions with no negative marking and the cut-off of this round was 65%. We had 2 coding questions in this round. Most of the questions were repeated from the previous year and were of moderate level, I would suggest having a strong command over strings and arrays. Besides these coding questions, there were 20 multiple choice questions based on DBMS, OOPS mostly. Modules would be very helpful in this case too.

Then we got the result for this round on 15 July through our college placement office and almost 60 students qualified for the final interview call, and I was one of them. Then after waiting for 3 months we finally got our interview date. My interview was scheduled for 24th October at 10:00 am. It was supposed to last for 20 minutes. The questions asked in the interview were as follows:

  1. Introduce yourself.
  2. Occupation of father and from where do you belong
  3. Questions asked in infytq exam and explain both of them
  4. Write the 1st code in your notebook
  5. Explain what you have written
  6. What is scheduling
  7. Types of scheduling
  8. What is preemptive scheduling?
  9. What is deadlock
  10. Algorithm to remove the deadlock
  11. An SQL query that I don’t remember and wasn’t able to solve also
  12. Any questions

The interview lasted for around 35 minutes. And finally, we got our results on 4th November again through placement cell. 37 students from our college were selected for the role of System Engineer including me. Also, we were given a chance to appear for the up-gradation test for the pot of system engineer specialist and power programmer. The results are still awaited.

Hope this would help.

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