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Infosys Interview Experience For System Engineer Specialist
  • Last Updated : 12 Oct, 2020

So if you want to work in Infosys for SES role either you have clear HackWithInfy or InfyTq so I give the first round of hackwithinfy in which there are 3 questions easy, medium, and hard level of difficulty. after that there is a second-round which consists of question on the graph, tree, greedy algo as well as dynamic programming and I cleared that round I got the preplacement opportunity by Infosys.

Technical Interview: 

  1. He asked me to introduce my self first when I am mid of explaining about my self he asked me the question related to my hobbies as I mention that I used to write poetry in my spare time, so he asked me to write something in front of him as I got exhausted that time so explain to him that I can’t write in the current situation as the writing required a very peaceful mind and environment, so he got satisfied with my explanation, so I got save.
  2. He asked me to explain the flow of my project so prepare your project well along with the database table and their relation
  3. He asked me to debug a c code that is of checking palindrome.
  4. He asked me the square root of some number as well

Basically, they want to check your communication skill as well as your logical ability only and nothing more than that. After 3 days I get informed by my TPO that I got selected for SES role


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