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Infosys Interview Experience for System Engineer Specialist | On-Campus 2021

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  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 06 Jul, 2021

Infosys campus placement for SES (System Engineer Specialist) role took place in our college and the 1st round took place in February 2021.

Round 1 (Coding Round): For round 1, there were basically 3 coding questions. 

  • The questions were easy to moderate and the time was given 3 hours.
  • You have to attend at least 1.5 questions (w.r.t test cases) to qualify for this round. Best if you can solve 2 problems fully. The question were basically from array, string.
  • Do practice DP (Dynamic Programming) either to be on the safer side.
  • I solved nearly 2.5 problem.
  • The result of 1st round was announced on 24th March 2021. Finally, 2nd round of interview was scheduled for 29th May, 2021 within just a day’s notice.

Round 2 (Technical & HR Interview Round): The interview started off with the typical question “Tell me about yourself.” The questions asked are sequentially listed below:

  1. Print “Hello World” without using a semicolon
  2. What is const
  3. What is volatile
  4. What is static
  5. Then he asked what will be the output of the of the two codes – 

    i. const related 

    ii. static variable related 


  6. What is static function? 
  7. What is function overloading and over-riding? 
  8. What is virtual function? 
  9. How virtual function is related to runtime polymorphism 
  10. Then he asked me about outputs about some oops code which was about- 

    i. Function Overloading 

    ii. Function Overriding 

    iii. Virtual Function(Even minor details were asked as well) 


  11. What is abstract class in cpp?(As I told him I was more comfortable in CPP)
  12. What makes a class abstract and how it is achieved?
  13. How abstraction differs from encapsulation?
  14. What is runtime polymorphism and what is compile time polymorphism?
  15. Then he asked me to calculate output of several (at least 5) pointer related codes.
  16. Then he showed me 5/6 codes one by one and asked me if I can identify those codes. These codes were mostly easy ones like- 

    i. Fibonacci 

    ii. Factorial 

    iii. Prime number 

    iv. Armstrong number 

    v. Palindrome Number etc. 

  17. Write down a code to swap two numbers without using a third variable.
  18. What is call by value and call by address?
  19. What are the object oriented concept?
  20. Have a look at this code and identify what object oriented concepts have been used?
    (Some times even being specific didn’t help as he was not getting the exact answer he was looking for, hence keep your calm and try to think what the exact answer he is looking for)
  21. What is DDL and DML? Explain.
  22. Is truncate DDL? Or DML?
  23. What is alpha-testing?
  24. What is unit testing?
  25. What are the different types of testing?
  26. What is SDLC? Explain all the steps.
  27. Prototype model
  28. Agile model
    (Note- he neither asked me about my favorite subjects nor software engineering was mentioned in my CV. I wasn’t able to answer this section very well but anyway he continued asking)
  29. Do you know DevOps?
    (I said no, then he moved to OS)
  30. What is turned around time?
  31. What is paging?
  32. What is throughput?
  33. What the application of stack?
    (Then he asked if I can convert infix to postfix, I said yes but he skipped and didn’t ask me this question)
  34. What are the 2 types of data structure? Tell me about it.
  35. Are you sure linked list is a linear data structure? 
    (While facing situation like this keep on holding on your ground no matter how the interviewer might try to confuse you)
  36. Explain 3 tier and 2 tier architecture?
  37. Components of each architecture. (Then he asked me, if I knew cloud computing? I said I have a very basic idea, then he moved to questions)
  38. What are cloud based services?
  39. What are the different cloud services?
  40. Difference between all three services.

Finally after 2 weeks I got the offer.

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