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Infosys Interview Experience for SES through Infytq Upgrade

  • Last Updated : 17 Mar, 2021

PHASE 1: MCQ In February 

This was the MCQs test phase – DBMS, python/java questions. I cleared the round easily.

PHASE 2: Coding in June

Online coding test. There were two coding questions I solved one completely and the other about 80%.

The level was moderate. I cleared it with ease.


The interview was easy. The interviewer asked me some normal questions from DBMS and OS.

Some easy c programming and some SQL queries.

PHASE 4(Upgrade coding test): In January 

This was a really difficult test. All three questions were tough. I somehow managed to solve the 100 mark question(there were 50,75,100 mark questions – total:225), not completely, but I got 60/100, and I got 25/50 in 50 mark question and 10 marks in 75 mark question. On a whole, I got 95/225. I cleared the round and got an interview scheduled for the SES profile. Even some of my friends who got around 50 marks were shortlisted for the SES interview. I think the cutoff was around 50/225 for SES and 100/225 for PP. Normally For SES cutoff goes around 75/225 and for PP 125/225 but the questions were really tough and only 13 out of 75 students cleared the test.

PHASE 5(SES Interview): 10 Feb 2021

My interview was quite easy. 

  • The interviewer asked me some basic oops questions and some basic questions from c and python.
  • She asked me to write the code for the Fibonacci series and then came to my projects. I explained blockchain in deep as my project was based on that. And that’s it. It was easy. 

I got my results on 15 March, and I was selected for the SES role at Infosys. 

9 out of 13 were selected in my college for SES or PP.



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