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Infosys Interview Experience for Power Programmer
  • Last Updated : 25 Oct, 2020

I applied through Hackwithinfy. There were 2 coding rounds and on the basis of score in these rounds I was offered a PPI interview. Both these rounds consisted of 3 coding questions, and we had to solve it in 3hr of time.

Technical Interview: It started with the introduction of both interviewer and me.

Then he gave me a coding question.

I had not heard about this question earlier, so I was struggling in the beginning I gave him an approach for which he asked me to code it and told me about the mistakes in that. Then I gave him the brute approach by taking a map.

He then gave me some hints. And then I was able to understand it, and he asked me to write the code for the same.  After this my Interview ended on a good note the interviewer was very nice and friendly he helped me throughout the interview.

HR Round:

  1. It started with my introduction.
  2. He asked some questions about my projects and the technologies that I have mentioned.
  3. He gave me some situation types of scenarios and I answered them. One of them was If you are given 6 months of time what new thing will you learn and how will you use that.

And after a few days, I received mail that I’ve been selected for the PP role at Infosys.

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