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Infosys Interview Experience for Power Programmer Role through HackWithInfy

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Each year Infosys organize a competition called HackWithInfy(Starting from 2018). There are basically three rounds. The first two rounds are Online coding round on HackerRank followed by a interview for Power Programmer Role. After the two rounds of coding Top 107 students were selected for interview and hackathon at Infosys Pune Campus.

The first two rounds has basically 3 questions in 3 hours and it was only for final year BE/B.Tech students. I cleared both the rounds. Some of the questions that I remembered are similar to :

1. To make all string same by left rotation. You have to find minimum number of left rotation.
2. Grid Problem with DP and some additional Constraints.
3. Similar to Graph Traversal DFS.

After clearing both the rounds, I got opportunity for PPI Role Interview.

Next Comes the Technical Round at Pune.

All the students have to give a Pen Paper Test in which we have given a Problem Similar to Graph Colouring Problem.

The Problem was that we have given a Graph in which vertex are cities. Some Cities are connected via road. If we travel through Road it will take 1 year but if we travel by Air(Air FLights are only for those cities which are not directly connected via road) we can travel in same year. We need to find the minimum number of years through which we can travel the cities.

Since it was a NP Hard Problem. It solved it and write the code of Exponential Complexity and then optimize it with DP.

After this Technical Interview was there. In Technical Interview I was asked to explain about my approach. I explained them and they give me 5 minutes to find one alternate approach. I explained the greedy approach.

Now they told me to introduce yourself. I started with my academics, internships and then project.
They took a interest in my Project and discussed about ML Algorithms i used in that. Some Question where
1. What are Decision Trees?
2. What are Neural Networks?

After that they give me a Problem To search an element in sorted rotated array. I told them the o(logn) approach of it.

Some Question Where
1. Abstraction and Encapsulation.
2. What is Rest API.
3. Explain layers of OSI Model.
4. What are Operating System. Which OS do you use? Why Linux?
5. About my Internship Experience and Technologies I learned there?
6. Favourite language and Why?
7. What is Protocol?

The interview took around 50 minutes. They were satisfied and told me to go to HR Round.


In this Round they told me about my role and asked about my preferences of location etc etc.
They told result will be announced in few days. After three days, I got the Power Programmer Role Confirmation through mail.
I suggest all the focus on Data Structures and Algorithms and Know your projects well so that you can answer all that questions regarding your projects.

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Last Updated : 18 Sep, 2019
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