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Infosys Interview Experience for Power Programmer 2021

  • Last Updated : 18 Jun, 2021

Round 1(Online Coding Round on HackerEarth): 3 Questions: Easy to medium level

  • Topics: Arrays, Brute Force, Greedy, Graph
  • Minimum 1.5 Questions You Have to solve ( Score 50% or more)


Round 2(Online Coding Round on HackerEarth): 3 Questions: Easy to medium level

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  • Topics: Arrays, DP, Graph, Shortest Path
  • Minimum 2 Questions You Have to solve (Score 60% or more) For Power Programmer Interview 
  • Minimum 1.5 Questions You Have to solve (Score 50% or more) For System Engineer Specialists Interview


Note: You can only have to submit the question but you can’t see your score which is how many hidden test cases it passed. 

Good Training Material For Round 1 and 2: Hackwithinfy playlist of Edyst on youtube and its course for hackwithinfy on edyst platform. (

Edyst Platform(

Round 3(Interview on Zoom): There was a Single Interviewer. He started with some HR questions

  • Introduction 5 minutes
  • What technology do you know?
  • Where do you see yourself After 5 years?

Coding Question:

Technical Questions:

  • DBMS Normalization – BCNF
  • OOPS – Data Encapsulation, Abstract class, Interface
  • Bubble Sort and Merge Sort Comparision
  • Middleware, emitter, and dispatcher in node js

Result: Got Power Programmer Offer 

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