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Infosys Interview Experience for Power Programmer 2021

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  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 18 Jun, 2021
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During the Lock-down situations getting a job is really a big deal nowadays, so I am sharing my experience of how I cracked the Hackwithinfy competition and got the Power Programmer role.  Infosys conducts Hackwithinfy every year to hire talented freshers. Hackwithinfy comprises 2 rounds of coding and lastly the Final Grand Finale round which is a hackathon.

This is how the Competition flows, round 1 and 2 are online coding (both are knockout rounds) and after these the top 100 students are shortlisted for the Final Grand Finale round where they get a chance to win a handsome amount of money and are also given the pre-placement interview opportunity for Power Programmer role altogether top 500 students get the pre-placement interview opportunity for Power Programmer role and after these students the other top 2000 students get the pre-placement interview opportunity for System Engineer Specialist role.

Round 1(Online Coding): It is usually conducted in the month of March or April, and it was Web proctored. The test consists of EASY to MEDIUM level questions, and we get 3 hours to solve them. For qualifying, to the next round, one must solve around 2 questions at least to be sure. It was conducted on Hackerearth platform. I got the questions related to Recursion, Array manipulation, Divide and Conquer the 3rd question was a bit hard and I solved it partially. The marks distribution is like 50+75+100=225 and my score was 50+75+44=169.

Round 2(Online Coding): It is conducted in the month of May, and it was Web-Proctored. This time the private test cases were all hidden, so we were not able to see whether our solution worked or not, so we had to keep on checking on all kinds of test cases we could think of to debug our code. In this round, the Difficulty is MEDIUM to ADVANCE level and optimization was necessary. I got the questions on Dynamic Programming, Bit Mapping, and Hashing, Graph. The same marks distribution so you need to be very confident with your solution. I solved 2 completely and the last one partially (according to me, after checking on edge cases). 

Now in month of July we got the result and i got the PPI opportunity for Power Programmer role but I was not in the top 100. So I started to collect all the interview stuffs from GeeksforGeeks and some other sources. My interview was scheduled for the month of September and this time it was a virtual interview from home. The subjects which I prepared well were DSA, DBMS,OS, SE, CN, and one new technology on which I was working on Artificial Intelligence. 

Round 3(Final Interview): Interview time was of 1-hour and was conducted at Infosys Meridian. I joined the meeting, there was only 1 panelist. Initially, he introduced himself he was working for Infosys since 2010 and was in a really good position. Now my Interview starts-

  • Starting with a quick Introduction of mine.
  • Then asked about my Projects and the Technology used (one should prepare his project thoroughly)
  • Then asked some questions related to my internships and certifications.

Now he started with the coding questions and told me to share my screen and solve on my compiler.

  1. Convert a number to its negative base 2. It took 2-3 minutes and then solved it as it was a pattern-based question.
  2. Given a linked list and a pointer to some random node not necessarily the start or end node. We need to delete the node whose pointer is given, find the approach to do this. (I told the approach as I prepared this one from GfG itself.)
  3. Given 2 GB data and 1 GB RAM how to sort it using 1 GB RAM. The 2 GB file contains numbers. (he told just to explain the approach and convince him).

Split the file into parts (buffers) that you can sort in-place then when all buffers are sorted take 2 (or more) at a time and merge them (like merge sort) until there’s only 1 buffer remaining which will be the sorted file ( get more details on GfG) .

Then he asked for some code snippets which I solved, then he moved to DBMS-

  2. Then he asked some SQL Queries questions to write on Nested Joins and Aggregate functions.
  3. He gave me a scenario where I have a  car manufacturer table customer table and car details table and I had to get the details of those customers who bought a red car from a particular manufacturer and are living in xyz area.

Now he moved to other subjects –

  1. Explain DNS (Domain Name System), OSI model, Sub-net.
  2. Define Paging, Disk scheduling, Semaphore, Deadlock.
  3. Define Black-box Testing.

By this time my Technical interview was done, and it was written in interview mail that there will be only one interview so the panelist started with the HR Questions.

  1. Tell something about INFOSYS (always do research for any company you are appearing)
  2. Why INFOSYS.
  3. Why should I hire you.
  4. Tell your weakness.

Some more situation-based questions and I am done with my interview. The difficult part was the technical interview, HR interview was quite easy. My interview was of 90-95 minutes.


  • Prepare thoroughly everything.
  • Be very confident with those things written in your CV.
  • Prepare well the mostly asked coding interview questions.
  • The interviewer checks your confidence and optimization skill .
  • Do not fake yourself , be real and honest .

I got the result after 30-35 days, and LUCKILY I got the POWER PROGRAMMER ROLE out of the 12 shortlisted for this role from my college 7 Got this role.



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