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Infosys Interview Experience for Power Programmer

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  • Last Updated : 30 Jun, 2021
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Hello, I am sharing my interview experience , how i cracked the Hackwithinfy and got the PP role in Infosys.

Hackwithinfy comprises two rounds of coding contest and there is a Grand Finale if your rank is under top 100. While after two rounds top 500 students get the pre-placement interview opportunity for PP role while top 2000 students get pre placement interview opportunity for SES role.

Round1(Online Coding): This round consist of three problems that  you need to solve within 3 hours and it consist of easy to medium level question.

  • I got the problem from array rotaiton , string and bit manipulation.
  • The marks distribution is like 50, 75, and 100, I was able to solve two problems and my score was 125.

Round2(Online Coding): If you are able to solved even one problem from the 1st round you would get a chance to sit for the 2nd round.

  • This round also consists of 3 problems and level was from medium to advance.
  • I got the question from Maths, bit manipulation, and a graph and I was able to solve 2 problems completely.
  • The marks distribution was same as of round 1 In the month of July I got an offer for PPI for Power programmer.

Round3(Final Round): Interview round was about 1 hours and was conducted online.

  • I joined the meeting link and there was only one panelist.
  • First he introduced himself and then he asked me to tell about myself.
  • First he asked about my projects and the Technology that i have used(I have not done very good projects but my intrest was in CP) so after the project he asked few question from DBMS like he asked me few querries like finding nth maximum and then he asked me few theory questions on DBMS, he asked normalization basically the project and DBMS part was easy. Now after that he asked me to share my screen and open any IDE for coding part.
  • First question he asked me was on DP, the problem was finding longest palindrome in given string.
  • I did brute force code and then he said to optimize my logic so i did that with little hint .
  • Now the next problem he asked was from tree, he asked me to write a code to find diameter of a tree, it was a standard problem so i did the code and he asked me to explain my logic.
  • After that last problem was from BST he just asked me to implement BST and find the depth of the BST again it was a standard problem and i did the implementation using structure .
  • After this he asked few HR questions like why Infosys, about Infosys and finally he asked if i want to ask anything
  • After around 1-2 months i got the result from my college and i got an offer of Power Programmer role.

I hope my experience will be helpful.

Best of luck! 

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