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Infosys Interview Experience for DSE

  • Last Updated : 29 Sep, 2021

It was just one round both (Technical + HR) but the interviewer asked only technical questions. It took around 30 mins.

First, he asked me to introduce myself. Then he reviewed my Resume and told me that I haven’t done any good project and then just after he asked me a coding question. The question was to count the frequency of characters in a string and asked me to share my screen, I open the online IDE and done that question using maps. Then he added to print the characters in reverse order of frequency. I was not able to do that. I am taking too much time and then he said okay let’s go further.

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Question asked:

  • Do you know DBMS?
  • What is normalization?
  • How would you make a table such that only unique values can be there?
  • About SQL and some keys.
  • What are joins? and its types?
  • Then OOPs concepts (all 4) and polymorphism and inheritance examples.
  • Then he asked me from which language I want questions? I said C. He asked few basic questions
  • What is a header file?
  • Difference between calloc and malloc?
  • And then he asked if I had any questions for him?
  • I asked about the role and also if he can give me feedback for my interview.


  • Don’t leave coding practice while preparing for interviews.
  • I had done the same and was not able to completely solve the question.
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