Infosys Interview Experience (On-Campus for System Engineer)

Infosys came to our campus for system engineer profile.

First Round
General Aptitude
10 questions from quant
10 from Logical Reasoning.
40 questions in 35 minutes from english

They select 260 for the next round.

Second Round
My first question was tell me about yourself. I have mention two projects in my cv so there was some discussion on my project. Then he asked the sql query i.e to select top 3 rows from a student table arranged in descending order. he asked normalization question also. a table was given and I have to tell the table is in which nf. then the difference between 2nf and 3nf. then he asked me software development life cycle.

Out of all these questions, I was not able to answer the sql query and the software development life cycle properly. Then he saw my certificates and said ” thank you, any questions”
Though this was my first interview experience. I was able to clear it. They select 142 out of which I was one of them.

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