Infosys Interview Experience

Hello geeks! I’m an aspiring engineering graduate. I’d applied for the Infosys company drive through 2019 TNSLPP conducted by Anna University.

Round 1:Online examination

The online examination consisted of 15 logical reasoning questions, 10 aptitude, and 40 general English questions. The questions were of medium level difficulty but the competition was intense. Fair knowledge in verbal ability and a strong foundation in basic quants and reasoning would suffice to get through the first round.

Suggestion: Prepare yourself so well that you always get to keep your calm despite knowing that 1000s of students are contesting along with you. Hard work makes you outlast and survive any battle.

My Result: Made it to the next round

Round 2:  Personal Interview 

We were made to sit in a huge auditorium with a number of panels to interview students simultaneously. It was a one-to-one interview. Students with CS backgrounds were expected to have a sound knowledge of the so far learned curriculum. Students belonging to Non-CS backgrounds were expected to know at least the basics of coding and good knowledge in their respective department’s subjects.

Questions were majorly asked from the resume. I had mentioned I was proficient in C, C++, Java, and SQL.Questions:

  1. Quickly brief about yourself.
  2. Write any program in any language you are comfortable with. (I wrote a program on function overloading in C++)
  3. Write an SQL command to join the contents of 2 different tables.
  4. General questions about the college I study, if I’d be comfortable working in shifts and relocate if necessary.

I answered all questions well and were asked to wait until the results would be published.

2 days later I got informed by our college placement cell that I had been shortlisted.


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