Infosys Interview by Hackwithinfy for Power Programmer role 2019

Firstly you need to register for this Hackwithinfy contest

it consists three rounds

Round 1:  For this round all final year students are eligible. it is national wide competition. it is a online coding round in hacker rank platform. the time duration is 2hr 30 mins. in this challenge 3 questions will be given. they provide more than 5 programming languages. they will select 7000 members to second round. i got selected for 2nd round.

Round 2: it is also same as it ease round 1 only. programming questions are some what difficult. out of 7000 members they select 3000 members to round 3 for interview.  1 to 100 members have 3 days hackathon at pune infosys office. and these have pre placement interview for power pogrammer role followed by 101 to 300 members they have only pre placement interview.   I got selected for 3rd round.

Round 3: round 3 is interview. they will send mail it contains location. for me it is in Hyderabad . its technical interview. for me its almost one hour. the interviewer very friendly. he asked about projects which i have done. some programming questions. finally  i got selected for infosys as a power programmer role .

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