Infosys InfyTq System Engineer Specialist Interview Experience

Hello Geeks,

I am Sharing you my experience of Infosys Interview.

Round 1: As I have applied at Infosys through InfyTQ, I Had to take an online quiz consisting of mcq on DBMS, Python(Data Structures using Python, Object Oriented using Python ) and a section of Hands On Coding(2 Questions) . Candidates who cleared the examination with 65% or more were eligible for an on-spot interview. I have cleared it with 80%.

This Interview was HR Round and the HR asked me basic questions like tell me about yourself, why do you want to join Infosys etc.

Round 2: I Was notified by Infosys regarding the InfyTq Upgrade Test within a couple of weeks . This Test was a simple HackerRank Exam for 3 Hours and we were given 3 Questions to solve . Out of the three questions first one was easy, the last two were difficult . You Should have good knowledge on Backtracking and Dynamic Programming to solve them. I remember only one question which was as follows, there was a cricket team where every day a player goes missing .Identify the missing players given the shirt numbers of the players for k days.

I solved One And Half Questions and later received a mail from Infosys that I was eligible for System Engineer Specialist Role Interview.

Note: Candidates who solved more than 2 Questions were eligible for Power Programmer Role.

Round 3: I attended the final Interview where I was asked questions mostly on my projects . Some of the questions are as follows:

1) Explain About Your projects 2) what are the requirements of your projects 3) Explain about KNN(as I have mentioned Machine Learning in my resume) 4) What do you know about java ? 5)How do you sort a liked list (Not By Swapping their values) 6) Prime Number Program with low time complexity  8) Explain about Incremental Model(Software Engineering) 9) Explain about Software Development LifeCycle ? 10)Why do you want to join Infosys ? and Other basic HR Questions.

It has been over two weeks since I gave my Interview and I am Waiting For the result .

Thank You

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